Parts Unlimited Ultra Series

Oct. 20, 2018

Oct. 21,2018  



There will be NO AMA Practice prior to this race.


The Weekend schedule is below.

2018 Schedule of Racing is up on the Schedule page.




Electrical hookups are 15amps only (no water or sewer at the electrical site) and they are strictly on a first come basis. Cost is $20/day.

Water is available at the track.

Camping without an electrical hookup is FREE!  Plenty of flat, grassy parking.


Weekend Schedule

FRIDAY - Gates open @ 2pm and close at 11pm

                Early Signup for Saturday racing 4:30 - 6:00

                Pit bike shut down @ 7:30

                Noise shut down @ 10:30


SATURDAY - Gates open @ 6:00am and close at 11pm

                    Signup for racing 7:00 am

                    Practice before racing 8:00am

                    Racing begins immediately after practice

                    Early Signup for Sunday racing 2:30 - 5:00

                    Pit bike shut down @ 7:30

                    Noise shut down @ 10:30


SUNDAY -  Gates open @ 6:00am

                  Signup @ 7:00am

                  Worship Service @ 7:00am

                  Practice @ 8:00am


ADMISSION -    Fri. - Adult $25 Child (under 12)$15

                         Sat. - Adult $20 Child $10

                         Sun. - Adult $10 Child $5 

PURSE: 450 Pro AND 250 Pro is 150% (75% per moto), ATV Expert pay overall 100%.

35+, 40+, 45+, 50+ & 55+ pay as follows: 1st $50, 2nd$30 & 3rd$20, first – third don’t get trophies but fourth and up does.

Vet Expert is 100% payback overall.

2 Stroke All-Star A/B 100% overall.



CLASSES - Listed below



5mph Speed Limit in the Pits

ALL pets must be on a leash at ALL times!! Please pick up liter after your dog.

You are responsible for yourself and your crew and family.


Water is available at the track.

Electrical hook-ups are available on a first come basis.

Showers are available in the restrooms located in the rear of Concessions.


Please refer to face book, Windy Hill, due to possible changes in weather.



Questions - 910-895-4387

All Racing is on SUNDAY 
1. 51cc 4-6 yrs Stock
2. 51cc 7-8 yrs Stock
3. 51cc Multi-Speed/Shaft Drive 4-8 yrs Stock * (See Note Below)
4. 51cc Open 5-8 yrs Stock
5. 65cc 7-9 yrs
6. 65cc 10-11 yrs
7. 65cc Unlimited 7-11 yrs
8. 85cc 9-13 yrs (79-85cc –  Big Wheel Allowed),  Honda 150 is Allowed
9. 85cc 9-11 yrs (79-85cc –  Big Wheel Allowed).  Honda 150 is Allowed
10. 85cc 12-15 yrs (79-85cc –  Big Wheel Allowed  – Honda 150 is Allowed
11. Super Mini 12-16 yrs (79-112cc 2-Stroke/75-150cc 4-Stroke)  –  Honda 150 is Allowed
12. Women 12+   (99-250cc)
13. Schoolboy 1  12-17 yrs  (86-125cc2stk/ 75-150cc 4stk).
14. Schoolboy 2  12-17 yrs (122-250cc)  2 or 4 Stk,   14+ yrs to ride 250cc
15. 250 C (122-250cc).  14+ yrs to ride 250cc
16. 250 B (122-250cc).  14+ yrs to ride 250cc
17. 250 A/Pro (122-250cc)  14+ yrs to ride 250cc
18. 125cc 2 Stroke Amateur  (122cc-125cc)   12 & up
19.  2 Stroke All-Star  A/B  (122cc-500cc)  14+ yrs to ride 250cc
20. 450 C (122cc-Open)  16+ yrs to ride 450cc
21. 450 B (122cc-Open)  16+ yrs to ride 450cc
22. 450 A/Pro (Open A/Pro)  16+ yrs to ride 450cc
23. Unlimited C/D (122cc-Open)  16+ yrs to ride 450cc
24. Collegeboy  14-24 yrs (122cc-Open)  16+ yrs to ride 450cc
25. VET PRO  25+
26.  25+ Amateur
27.  30+ Amateur
28.  35+
28.  40+
30.  45+
31.  50+
32.  55+
33.  ATV Expert/Pro
34. ATV B – Intermediate
35. ATV C – Novice
36. ATV – 35+


*51cc Multi-Speed/Shaft Drive 4-8yrs – Limited to the following models: Honda CRF50, Yamaha PW50, Suzuki JR50 and Yamaha TTR50
NOTE – This is different than the AMA Qualifier Rules. This is changed from what was posted earlier.

ALL D Class Riders:
 wins or 4 second place finishes or any combination of the two and you get advanced. If you’re fast enough to win the D Class, then you need to start the series in the C Class. If a rider has previously won a championship in any series any class (excluding Women & Girls. that rider cannot ride a D class. When you get advanced, you don’t take your points with you. The D Class is a beginner class and a chance to try racing to see if you like it. It isn’t a place to plan on winning a series championship. When you move up a bike size, YOU CAN’T DROP BACK to D Class.

Youth D Class Riders: 
You can race a 2nd class, but if you place in the “TOP 30%” you will be out of the D Class. This Youth Rule is based on 8 rider minimum class.

Series Tie Breaker
If a tie is recorded in the final point standings,  the tie breaker will be the best finish in the last event that either or both riders attended in that series.





Advertising opportunities are available at Windy Hill Sports.

            2 ˝ x 5 banner placed in conspicuous areas.  Displayed on every race weekend and placement will be different for every event.  Your business information will be included on Windy Hill Sports website with a link to your website if desired.  Your sponsorship will be announced a minimum of 6 times each day during a race event.

            $375.00 yearly plus the banner cost of $95.00.  You may furnish your own banner of proportionate size.  Please call Joe or Peggy for more information. 910-895-4387 after 6pm.





America's Best Value Inn

516 S. Hancock Street

Rockingham, NC 28379

(910) 997-5521


Quality Inn & Suites (NC693)

400 West Broad Street, Rockingham, NC, US, 28379

  • Phone: (910) 895-0099


Holiday Inn Express and Suites

400 W. Broad Ave., Rockingham, NC 28379

Phone (910) 817-7288


Ellerbe Springs Inn

(Bed and Breakfast)

2 miles from the track